Some Features that Made us Unique

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Inspection By Zone

We have divided the Dhaka city into various zones for our operational purpose. For each zone, we have Shift/Zone Inspectors who have to visit a post under his area at least once during his tenure of duty. During his visit to a post he has to check the guards, listen to the post supervisor (if posted), sign the duty card held on person by the guard and sign and write his remarks on the post register. On return to the Headquarters, he has to discuss the observed irregularities with the operation officer/duty officer and record his observations in the inspection register. Inspectors are generally provided with motor cycles or bicycles.

Field Supervisor

Depending on the strength of the post and the nature of duty we suggest our clients to employ guard supervisors/ guard commanders to supervise the guards on duty. The supervisor̕s duty is to ensure that the guards perform duties properly and remain alert. Usually the supervisors do shift duties along with the guards. The guard, supervisors duty include maintenance of duty register in the post, visitors record, any special instruction from the authority etc. He is also responsible to the roaming Inspector/Shift Inspectors of the Trust Security Services Headquarters to report any incident/occurrence.

Surprise Checking

It is carried out occasionally by the operation/duty officer without prior notice. Sometimes the General Manager (Operations) or even the Managing Director visit the sensitive and important posts to keep himself abreast with the on-going situation taking place on the ground. We also carry out surprise checking as an immediate response to the client̓s complaints.

Night Checking

Our Headquarters arranges night checking every day in every zone. The duty roster for night checking is planned by the operation director in consultation with the Manger (Operations). Night checking is carried out by three different teams every night. In addition to earmarked night supervisor of the zone two teams of officers one in vehicle and another one in motorcycle carries out supervision at night.

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